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Do you support climate compensation? What do you think about it? 💡 🌱 All companies have a carbon footprint. The amount of CO2 each company issues depends on several factors such as its core activity, size, amount of travel, energy consumption, etc. 🌱Climate awareness has grown tremendously among customers, employees and investors. To be climate aware is not a trend, but a conscious decision with a positive brand impact. 🌱At Hermes Group we believe climate compensation is a positive step towards the right direction. It shows your company is committed to the planet. It is a beginning! 🌱We are also happy to announce that we are now officially able to provide climate compensation for groups and corporate trips via certified projects. Hermes Group also helps companies to measure their CO2 emissions and support them with strategies on how to minimize their footprint. #climatechange #climatecompensation #hållbarhet #hermesgroup #impact


Team in action! Dagens träningspass! 🏸 #träningpåjobbet #hermesgroup #hälsa #hållbarhet #energi #motivation


What actions are you taking to minimize the climate damage? How climate sensitive is your company? What else can you do? We take the preservation of our planet seriously and we want to set a good example within the travel and event industry. Here are some of our resolutions: ✨ 🌱 We first offer destinations in Sweden or nearby; 🌱 We offer climate compensation for each group; 🌱 We inspire our customers to use train or boat instead of flying; 🌱 We offer digital communication tools; 🌱 We push for hotel and suppliers who take sustainability seriously; 🌱 We offer climate compensation activities at the destination or activities with low climate impact; #climatechange #klimatkompensera #sustainability #impact #eventindustry #travelindustry #change #hermesgroup