Hermes Group created its own project to offset the CO2 emissions to be issued by the company during 2019. It is estimated our trips and office will unfortunately generate about 20 tons of CO2 emissions.

Reforesting Project: It is a small project involving a local school to plant fruit and native trees in a public urban area of Arroio do Tigre– RS (south of Brazil). The project aims to create environmental awareness among students while contributing to offset Hermes Group CO2 emissions. 100 trees will be planted in 2019. They would help to hold back erosion by the stream which crosses the town, make the city greener and to certain extend delivery fruits to the local community. This program also involves presentations at schools to increase awareness among the students about living a sustainable life.

Next steps:

  • Meeting with the school: 26th of February
  • Meeting with the city major: 27th of February
  • Plant the first symbolic tree: 28th of February
  • Presentation at the school: 4th of March
  • Tree plantation day: End of March

Arroio to Tigre(Tiger’s stream) is a small town located in the south of Brazil. This little city was one covered of forests, so was the whole region. The Europeans were the first ones to reach this remote area which only happened as late as 150 years ago. Germans and Italians were donated land and started to build this town from scratch. 

The economy of the region is based on agriculture. Forests were taken down and gave space for all kinds of plantations. The tobacco culture was introduced many years ago and today is planted by the majority of the land owners. Small properties are common to 90% of the cases. Many trees had to be taken down to give space to the tobacco plantations. At later stage, families who own larger and flat pieces of land started to plant soya, a culture that is grown tremendously in the past decade.