At Hermes Group we take the preservation of our planet seriously and we want to set a good example within the travel - and event  industry. We do not only do our best to work in a sustainable manner, but we also try to influence all our customers to do the same. We have launched 10 commitments in order to minimize the impact on the planet and at the same time we want to put pressure on our suppliers and create awareness within our customer base. We constantly strive to:  

  • Propose destinations closer to Sweden
  • Push for train, boat, bus and airplane: in this order
  • Show our customers their CO2 emissions for their activities
  • Propose organic food that is produced locally
  • Add a no plastic policy that should apply for everything
  • Prefer and choose sustainable suppliers
  • Propose apps and other digital solutions instead of paper
  • Provide sustainable activity options
  • Fight for zero waste!
  • Offer environment compensation