Counseling for corporate travel
We help companies to save money by optimizing their travel spend!

It is a combination of procurement initiatives, changes on the travel behavior and policy adjustments. In addition, we can advise you on how to improve travel bookings by simplifying the process and decreasing time spent when doing the bookings.
We can help you to accomplish that through a number of actions such as:
•       Review your travel and booking policies
•       Define a solid booking process
•       Make sure you are using the right tools
•       Review and improve your supplier base and supplier deals
•       Monitor statistics and booking behaviour
•       Create materials & educate employees on travel
We do it on a contingency basis which means: free of charge (% over savings if any).
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What do you pay for?
• We have years of experience in global travel management.
• We have a large network of suppliers.
• We know the pricing and the commercial terms and conditions that should apply.
• We have best practices, templates and processes for best comparisons.




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