Hermes Group is a full-service partner for meetings, events and group travel. Our ambition is to get people to meet in order to strengthen relationships and partnerships that provide loyal customers, better job satisfaction and make employees more results-oriented. Our main objective is therefore clear; we want our clients event activities to strengthen the brand and generate more business.

The company was founded in 2008 by Anna Hermes. Initally Hermes Group was a pure event company focusing on customer events in Sweden. During 2014, the company developed and the business areas talents and DMC (group travel) were implemented.
Hermes Group makes around 60 events and group trips per year. We engage about 40 talents in around 3000 hours of sold event staff assignments per year.
Solidarity, passion and entrepreneurship are our three core values that we want to permeate in all we do. By relying on and following these values, we get the strength and confidence to succeed in a competitive industry.
We strive to be responsive to customers and employees in order to deliver personalized and first-class service in everything we do. Everything in order to meet our customers' event targets and objectives.