Welcome to hermes group!

Hermes Group was founded by Anna Hermes, who seven years ago chose to become an entrepreneur and inspiration in the event and conference industry. Anna comes from a family in the south of Sweden with a long experience in entrepreneurship. Thanks to their values and strong belives on close relationships and trust amongst each others,  she has created a platform to influence and to help people to see the importance of meeting your important relations  in order to take the commitment and service to the next level in the organization. Hermes Group aim to be the complete event partner for Talents, Events, DMC & Travel.

The aim is to get people to meet that inspires and strengthens relationships and partnerships that provide better health at the workplace, making employees more resultoriented, and last but not least, improve service to their customers: generate more business.

With her positive view on life and energy Anna Hermes strengthens people in both their professional and private roles in life.


Anna Hermes
CEO & Founder Hermes Group